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Ebates China Site Is Closed Ebates Quits China

According to the latest information received by EnTide, the Ebates China site is closed now.

As a major initiative to enter China cash-back market, Ebates China site was high-spirited and vigorous at first. Being operated for many years in China, Ebates China site did draw attentions of many Chinese users. Unfortunately, it finally ended up with official closure out of many people's expectation.

Since April 10, 2018, if you try to browse Ebates China site with web address 「」, the page would jump to a web page of 55HaiTao: 「Declaration on Transferring User Account from to 55HaiTao」. According to the declaration, the former users of Ebates China site should transfer their assets in Ebates account to the new account opened with 55Haitao, and a new user name would be set up after account migration. In other words, if a user already has both accounts with Ebates and 55HaiTao, he/she can not merge 2 existing cashback site accounts.

Please refer to the following for Declaration on Transferring User Account from to 55HaiTao:

EnTide continuously keeps an eye on the matter of 55HaiTao acquires Ebates China site. And let's review the process of this incident first:

  • On December 25, 2017, 55HaiTao (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “55HaiTao”) acquired Rakuten's Ebates China business (cn) and stated that it will accomplish integration of both sites recently.
  • On February 1, 2018, users of Ebates China site begin to receive web page notification that 55HaiTao (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. has acquired all business of And the web site after acquisition was still in normal operation at that time.
  • On April 10, 2018, if a user trys to browse Ebates China site with web address 「」, the page would jump to a web page of 55HaiTao:「Declaration on Transferring User Account from to 55HaiTao」.

When 55HaiTao acquired the Ebates China site, we believe that certain action would be made by 55Haitao in a certain period of time. At the initial stage, 55HaiTao temporarily maintained the independent operations and services of the Ebates China site. After a while, 55HaiTao tried to unify cashback brand and operation. The current situation reflects that 55HaiTao intends to eliminate the influence of Ebates. Without doubt, this situation may have been written into the agreement at the time of discussion of merger by 55HaiTao and Ebates. Nonetheless, with many years of operations in China, Ebates China site has a certain level of reputation and user recognition. In consideration of this factor, it is definitely debatable whether it is a wise strategy to completely abandon the brand of Ebates in China.

What's more, for users who already possess accounts of 55HaiTao and Ebates China site simultaneously, it shows less consideration for failing to provide with choice of merging 2 existing accounts.

No matter how the cash-back website is adjusted, the users' cash-back experience is still the best way to attract users, and this is exactly what many local Chinese cash-back websites do not have. If a cash-back website pays too much attention on its own profit by making advantage of users without sharing profits with customers, it will not be operated in a sustainable way no matter what.

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